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Instructions for participants to the "Asphaltene 2017" Special Session

(Monday 12th afternoon and Tuesday 13th afternoon)
Dear Colleagues,
First of all thank you for participating in this effort to help advance the field!
We will figure out how we can best publish this together during the conference.
We have about 30 teams (!) participating in this part of the conference, making it important to keep the time and minimize the length of the oral presentations.

Oral presentations in the sessions are required to be very short: We want you to prepare 4 (FOUR) slides
1. First: Authors’ names and affiliation and short title.
2. Second slide introducing the technique and the objective
3. Third slide with the main result(s)
4. Fourth slide with your main conclusions/hypothesis that can be made.

Comparison with other samples should only be briefly mentioned in your oral presentation but please feel free to include and expand in a poster (see below).
Remember there is no need for you to use any time or effort on presenting the sample. That we will do in the introduction to the sessions.

Time: You should aim at maximum 5 minutes even if you have multiple techniques!

Template: Please use the mandatory power point template received by email.

Slides Deadline: The slides should be submitted to the conference chair no later than May 29th, 2017 as we need to coordinate the effort, prepare the sequence of presentations and link them all. 

Expand your contribution in a Poster: We invite you to prepare a poster with all the research results. All posters on the asphaltene sample will be displayed together (in a dedicated section) during the duration of the conference, and will be grouped by themes (e.g. MS techniques grouped together etc.).
Abstract: Eventually and for a better view of the research results for this sample for all conference attendees, please prepare for the book of abstracts an ordinary abstract summarizing your contribution and submit via the web-site for the “Asphaltene 2017” session. There is a specific deadline, only for the Asphaltene 2017 abstracts on the 21st of April (no extension will be possible as we need to print the book). 
See you soon in Le Havre for this exciting session !

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