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Asphaltene Characterization Interlaboratory Study for PetroPhase 2017


The objective of this interlaboratory test is to obtain a global view on a common asphaltene sample and potentially a consensus of what is actually an asphaltene. Each participant will use their own expertise in petroleum characterization to study the same asphaltene sample to obtain complimentary and comparable results.

The results will be presented in the 2017 PetroPhase conference in a special session that will be focused on the results obtained with various techniques of the standard sample.

The PetroPhase 2017 asphaltene sample has been prepared by the group of Marianny Y. Combariza at the Industrial University of Santander (Colombia).  This group has developed a very efficient method for asphaltene purification.  The method for asphaltene isolation and purification will be published and available to all participants. 

To request the Petrophase 2017 asphaltene sample, please complete this form and send it by email.  You may request the purified asphaltene sample as well as the parent crude oil sample.  Please note that the preparation of asphaltenes is quite labor intensive, and quantities will be limited.  Participants receiving the standard asphaltene sample will be expected to present their work at the 2017 Petrophase conference.








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